Friday, 27 January 2012

Remotely Monitor Cell Phones From Your Home or Office

Cell phones are the gadget that everybody carries around. Even if you carry an ipod, an ipad, or a laptop, you will still carry your cell phone with you.

Anti-Theft Mobile Software
And phones do much more than make and receive calls now. They allow you to watch videos, listen to music, play video games, read and send e-mails, etc. Their popularity has prompted developers to create different types of applications from them.

And yes, there is a new one that allows you to remotely monitor cell phones. You can now remotely monitor cell phones from any computer with an Internet connection. In fact, you can remotely monitor cell phones from another cell phone with an Internet connection, as long as you don’t mind the mini-screen.

This is done in a simple, yet clever way. The application collects all the information that the phone sends and receives as well as its location and then sends it to a webpage where you can see it for a fee.

If you’ve ever wondered where a person is, this application is the closest thing there is to putting a chip under the person’s skin. Once installed, you can find the phone’s location on Google Maps, and by extension, the person’s location.

Of course, a person can leave his or her phone at home and you wouldn’t be able to track him or her. But that seldom happens, in fact, what happens is exactly the opposite. If you forget your cell phone at home, you usually go back and get it, even if it means arriving late to wherever you were going. That’s how attached we are to our phones and that’s why this application is so effective.

In order to remotely monitor cell phones, you need to install the application on them. Don’t worry, it’s very easy. You don’t need to program the phone in a special way, open it, or even connect it to the computer. All you need is a number that you can find in the battery compartment. Yes, I know it sounds too simple, but it is really all you need.

Once you enter this number in the application’s website (and pay a small fee), you’ll be able to remotely monitor cell phones. Note the plural, that is not a mistake. You only need to pay for one account, but you’ll be able to use it on as many cell phones as you want or need.

Those are the basics of this technology, but go to a developer’s website and you’ll be able to find more specific information about it.

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