Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Safeguard your Phone with Anti Theft Apps for Android Phones

Isn’t your Android phone one of your prized possessions? Even if not, it surely is one of the most lovable things that you own? So, are you taking a good care of this lovable possession of yours? What if it gets lost or somebody steals it from you? You won’t just be losing your most treasured Smart Phone but also a lot of data and important information stored on your phone. And who know if you unknowingly saved some confidential data on the phone, oops it can indeed be a dangerous thing to happen in case of a loss or theft.

But when you use anti theft apps for Android phones to make your phone loaded with most advanced security features, you just don’t have to burden your head with any of the above mentioned worries because this makes your phone as well as the data on it totally safe and secured.

Imagine your phone being lost and yourself being entirely unknown of where it is, would you be able to restrict the finder of the phone of the thief who stole away your phone from getting to your confidential data? Unfortunately the answer to this simple little question is a big disappointing “No” and that’s pretty true, isn’t it?

But with Android anti theft apps, you can change this disappointing “No” into an all times positive and truly infallible “Yes”. Well when you have installed the software onto your phone it renders you a kind of magical power (though that’s more of science and less of supernatural!) to have a total access to your lost or stolen phone remotely.

You can do just anything with the phone from wherever you want. You can block the phone completely and make it totally useless for anyone who has it. And if it doesn’t appear to be a very good thing to do, you can simply wipe off all the data and thus there just won’t be any possibility of its being misused at all.

Well, the blessings of installing anti theft apps for Android phones don’t end up here, they are kind of abounding! You know every activity taking place on your lost phone. So if the thief acts smart by changing the SIM, you’d be smarter still as you’d get to know when he did that, see how you’d become a kind of supernatural! 

The software will let you know about all the calls made and received, the text messaging done and will even help the police in locating the geographical location of the thief. Wow, you’ll have your own private detective helping you catch the thief red-handed!

So, empower your dearest Smart Phone with Android anti theft apps and let your mind lounge coolly!

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